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We're having our Grand Re-Opening of our web site, and invite you to visit!
LOTS of sale items listed.
(sale valid thru 8/22/14)

LOTS of new wares

Have a great weekend!!!!

we've carried the Sweet Potato Garlands in times past,
but we had grown a bit unhappy with the vendors product.
And until we found our 'new vendor', we haven't had these in stock.

well...........let me say we are VERY happy with our new vendor's
garlands, and couldn't wait to show you!

3 feet in length,
very heavily dusted in spices (delightful scent),
and nice large chunks of
dried sweet potato........
you just simply MUST have one of these.

I've displayed this one on a peg rack with old powder horns,
tricorn, and wool cape.........
how about also displaying on fireplace mantels (perfect for Fall),
tops of cupboards.......share with us where you'd put yours when it arrives.

Stop in and order one!
See you at the Farmhouse soon.

Time to think about a little splash of Fall decor

and not just 'at home'
don't forget your office area!

using our LED Fall theme candles, you can bring smiles
thruout the day.
And we all know, EVERYONE can use a little smile, right?

There's alot of LED candles on the market, but ours are simply
THEEEE 'best' looking ones we've seen.
Very nicely done with black and orange cheesecloth,
wrapped around the candles, and then dipped in beeswax.
Classy.........Fall..........brings a smile.  ;-)


A note this Monday morning........

If you have 'lost' us in your bookmarks,
come visit our Home Page again and you'll find out why.

We have switched servers, and all the URL bookmarks you may have, will need updating except for the home page.
Lots of new products, and lots of new pages to browse.

We want to give the biggest THANK YOU to our customers who called over the weekend, when our payment pages were messed up,
and placed their orders over the phone.
We apologize for that inconvenience, but are thankful for you all.

We are now running on WIND POWER.
Read about it here (watch the slideshow):

If you are looking to switch servers, or start a new site,
check Designer218 out, as I've NEVER had such awesome
customer support.
She walked me thru the transition, when I hit a problem on a Sunday
and it was even her birthday!!!!!!

More products being added as the days progress............
we'll see you over at the Farmhouse!