The news on TV tells us of the hard hit, the flu has been punching some folks with. Yet here in our little corner of the world, Mr. B and myself haven't been hit, we have had our shots, use our little bottles of hand sanitizer when we go out to shop or eat out………..take all the normal precautions. But this winter has been a hard hit for me anyway.

I've had an eye issue crop up, and it's totally related to 'age'. Go figure. A possible hole in the macular could happen, and for that I'm being very quiet, not lifting and jarring myself as instructed by the doc. Then the good ole wrists have both decided to flare up for a first time event this year…………I'm believing it to possibly be carpal tunnel, as we're ruled out some other issues via bloodwork. So, I'm trying out a wrist splint, to try to gain some relief from the pain, as the pain meds are not working for me at all. I'll do one wrist at a time and see how it goes…………hopefully I've hit on a solution. And with no 'tingling or numbness' yet, maybe I'll catch it soon enough if that turns out to be the problem.

Mr. B had surgery the first part of Dec. and is progressing nicely, back to a normal routine out in the woodworking shop creating again. Here in the house, he's begun working on laying more of our wood flooring that got put on hold when the surgery happened. I'm looking forward to a much brighter health outlook for each of us in 2013 (fingers crossed) and with spring around the bend how can we not be excited to see the next day come!

We have so many new items already listed on the site, for your browsing. And more to come. From new lighting, new early period reproduction glass bottles, 2014 calendars (already), inspirational candle boxes, parchment documents to frame or use in vignettes, variety of useful hooks with spring gardening coming, spring issue of A Simple Life magazine……………..and soon to come TALL SHIPS! I've fallen in love with the 'romance' of tall ships, and we all know what that means……….right? They are arriving soon to sail right into your own home for enjoyment.
~~~We're not land locked here in Indiana at all! lol~~~~

I'm hopeful that you are outwitting those flu bugs, and staying healthy this season. But even if you're under the weather, what better way to pass time, then be cuddled under your blanket with a laptop or iPad and Farmhouse Primitives on the screen…………
Come see us soon!
We'll be waiting to make you welcome!


Vicki Stevens said...

Hi Pam - so sorry to hear of you and Mr. B's health issues. I,too, am dealing with some "age-related" issues. I guess it happens to all of us at some point. You two will be in my thoughts and prayers for a healthy 2013 and beyond. God Bless, Vicki Stevens

Farmhouse Primitives said...

Hi Vicki, age is a real kicker, huh? lol You will be in our thoughts and prayers as well. Keep well.